Your Guide to Demo Sessions and Workshops



At Gait store, we offer our customers the possibility to register for our informative Demo Sessions that we present every day.


Join us today for one of our sessions as our topics are non-ending and we are always thriving to hear from you.


What and How?

  • Demo sessions are there to help answers all your questions and concerns. 
  • Demo sessions are delivered several times a day in our cool flex tables in store.
  • You have the option to pre-book and register for a free session whether it be a free or paid one.
  • Sessions last for 20 minutes with our experieced Apple Experts.
  • Our workshop sessions combine learning, knowledge with fun activities as well as tips and also cool hacks and tricks!


As we are always striving for the best, we at Gait have hosted some of our previous workshops with renowned influencers that spoke about their personal experiences with all that Apple has to offer from high-tech.

Additionally, Gait ensures to reach out to everyone, thus we are on the schedule to set up workshops out of our stores too to have a wider reach for tech-savvy’s.